Covers For Contributions Conjetios


Made from 100% cotton, the kid's collection is for everyday wear.

 Why your ostomy + skin will thank you for wearing cotton:

  • lightweight- these lightly lined covers will expand like a second skin for your bag as it fills up
  • breathable- just for you and your stoma to promote healthy skin
  • moisture wicking- ideal for everyday and while on the go to prevent irritation from sweat
  • convenience- the bottom opening on these covers allows for easy emptying- just fold it up and do your thing!

Product information

For the best care of your Ostome Covers, we recommend washing by hand and laying flat to dry.

The Exclusively Yours Satin Ostome Cover is made up of 100% Polyester.

The Everyday Cotton Ostome Cover is made of 100% Cotton.

The Under Where Bamboo Ostome Cover is made of 68% bamboo, 18% nylon, and 14% polyester.

The Under Where Modal Ostome Cover is made up of 94% modal and 6% spandex.

The Floral Cotton Ostome Cover is made up of 100% cotton.

*Please note that colours may appear slightly different online*


Shipping costs are determined by the weight, size and location of where the package is sent from.


If your order is damaged within 30 days of purchase, please send us an email with photos of the product to

*Otherwise, we will not be accepting returns or exchanges due to sanitary reasons. All purchases are final sale. 

Please check our Return Policy if you have anymore questions.




Which bags are they compatible with?

Ostome Fashion is compatible with both 1 and 2-piece systems. If you're unsure about your size and want to know your best fit, we recommend you contact us directly for help with sizing Some of our favourite brands to wear us with are Coloplast, Convatec and Hollister.


The best way to know what size you will be in Ostome Fashion is by checking the details on the box of your flange and bag, following our Sizing Guide on any product page. The diameter of your flange will be found as a number usually shown in mm; i.e 50 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm... If you're unsure about which number that is, simply double-check with a ruler and measure the inside diameter of your flange. *Be careful NOT to confuse this measurement with the diameter of your stoma*

If you are still unsure and cannot determine your size, please contact us at for assistance.

How do I put it on?

It's super simple! In these 3 easy steps, your cover will be secure in place:

  1. Feed the bottom of your ostomy pouch through the circular opening of the cover
  2. Adjust the circular opening around your flange
  3. Finesse any areas of your pouch that are wrinkled by gently pulling at the edges.

*Hot tip: use the bottom opening to reach in and make any adjustments but be careful not to pull so hard- or you might have to deal with a mess

How do I style it?

That's up to you to decide! Depending on how comfortable you are with showing off your bag, you could layer it under your clothes or style it as an outfit accessory. Just do whatever makes you feel most like you! Our goal is to help you feel like the most confident and empowered version of yourself <3

will i still be able to empty my pouch?

Absolutely! Your cover will have an opening at the back of the bottom for accessible 24/7 emptying. Simply fold the opening up and empty just as you would normally.

when can i wear it?

We know you'll want to wear us all the time- and you can!

The cotton, bamboo and satin collections are all made with soft quality fabrics, suitable for 24/7 wear.

Most pyjamas are either made out of modal or bamboo, which is why we were inspired to choose the same. The bamboo collection is so insanely soft that you'll sleep through the night and forget it's even there.

is it water proof?

At the moment, our covers are not water safe. But give us a couple of months and we'll have something you can wear on the beach and in the pool ;)